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DToX on 5 months ago
DToX on 6 months ago
BrokenToy on 6 months ago
DToX on 7 months ago
Hey Intro
FzyBunnySliprs on 7 months ago
Happy Birthday Tinny!
Sgt. intropee on 7 months ago
Howdy everybody megasmile
FzyBunnySliprs on 8 months ago
Rainbow 6 Siege & ARK Survival Evolved are free to play this weekend!
Wicked on 9 months ago
DToX on 9 months ago
BrokenToy on 10 months ago
working out of town, be back soon
DToX on 10 months ago
have fun bunny.
Al Keda on 10 months ago
We missed you T1nnie. But we didn't miss Red - often. wink $tg#
T1nmaN on 10 months ago
Sorry I missed last night. I have no idea why I couldn't join any servers. Downloading and reinstalling now so I can be ready for next Thursday.
Cpt.MIke on 10 months ago
check out my new forum thread! (so unhappy) all your help is welcome
Yeti on 10 months ago
CD...key....disk... tray? what are those?
DToX on 11 months ago
As of 5-22-2016 the server has a new IP
JM on 1 year ago
Why you no tell me?
JM on 1 year ago
Me love you long time!
JM on 1 year ago
What's team speak???
DToX on 1 year ago
Thanks Bunny!
FzyBunnySliprs on 1 year ago
Al Keda on 1 year ago
Ironic then DToX that the only survivor in 'infected' tonight was our own 'Zombie' wink
DToX on 1 year ago
For those joining us tonight, small update to the mod, link updated. HM added a female zombie to infected regular
Al Keda on 1 year ago
FzyBunnySliprs on 1 year ago
Happy New year!!!! !hny!
DToX on 1 year ago
Happy New Year gang. See you all tomorrow night. !hny!
FzyBunnySliprs on 1 year ago
Merry Christmas!!!! !rdlf *tree* *ks*
DToX on 1 year ago
Merry xmas kids. great games tonight!
Talos on 1 year ago
im on tonight
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bullet DToX
5 months ago
bullet DToX
6 months ago
Found another BO2 remake for tonight. Plaza: http://www.bumpinuglieshosting.com/downloads/xmas_files/mp_bo2plaza.zip
bullet BrokenToy
6 months ago
bullet DToX
7 months ago
Hey Intro

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